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Infomaniak Network SA

  • Has no direct contact with partner customers
  • Bills each hosting 80 €/year instead of 120 €/year for the public price
  • Offers the partner’s own website starting from the 10th hosting and for as long as at least 10 hosting contracts remain active
  • Offers a free VOD space including 1Gb disk space and 100Gb of monthly traffic
  • Provides the partner with a central administration tool
  • Displays the partner's name in the list of partners
  • Forwards to partner the quote requests that are made through our site

The partner

  • Must be entered in the register of companies
  • Is the owner of the contracts that he/she supplies us with
  • Is billed directly by Infomaniak Network S.A. and as such is responsible for any related invoices.
  • Is free to invoice his/her customers as he/she sees fit
  • Must register at least 5 contracts within the first year and maintain at least 5 active thereafter. Otherwise, the ‘partner' status is removed and hosting contracts are charged at the current list price

About Infomaniak Network SA

Infomaniak Network SA is today the no. 1 in hosting in French-speaking Switzerland with more than 80,000 hosted customers and more than 1200 partners who put their trust in us.

Our hosting can be managed 100% from your browser. The site shows you in detail how our interface works and if you want to visit our site, we will be glad to make an appointment for your visit.

Terms and conditions for "Partners"

Terms and conditions for "Partners"

Amendment: 26/03/2013

You must read and accept our general conditions for hosting and domain names at:

N.B. As a result of your partnership agreement with Infomaniak Network SA, Paragraph 3 is replaced with the following:

Article 3 : Sub-hosting

You manage as many hosted sites as you like, provided a minimum of five contracts are managed simultaneously at Infomaniak Network SA at the end of the first year of your partnership, failing which the status of "partner" will be revoked and the hosted sites will be billed at the current price for the general public.

It is strictly forbidden to have a different domain name redirected straight to a sub-directory on a hosted site.

By virtue of your partnership contract with Infomaniak Network SA, you are free to conclude your own contract binding you and your customer, provided, as a minimum, the obligations listed in our terms and conditions are applied and are included there one way or another. Unless otherwise specifically agreed and put in writing by Infomaniak Network SA, the contract concluded with a customer, who was acquired using the system for requests for quotes at Infomaniak Network SA, must be performed in partnership with Infomaniak Network SA, which involves using our servers for the website and/or the email service and/or streaming/VOD services. If you have any data that have been obtained in this way, whatever they may be, for use at a third-party provider, you are risking the immediate termination of all the services contracted with Infomaniak Network SA.

N.B. As a result of your partnership agreement with Infomaniak Network SA, the following paragraph is appended to your agreement:

Article 12 : In case of force majeure and immediate contact with the customer

Infomaniak Network SA does not have any contact with the customer and will refuse to reply if the customer contacts us directly. However, should the customer fail to reach the partner who is responsible for their contract and should Infomaniak Network SA also fail to contact the partner within two weeks, using the contact details given on the partner's admin console (telephone, e-mail), the contract can be transferred directly to the customer.